It is difficult to say why the export of food difficult to export a step
Column:Media attention Time:2016-08-22
Editor's note: the Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region Hui population accounted for 36% of the region's population, nearly 20% of the country's population of the Hui, Hui culture and Muslim industry is the two major advantages.

Editor's note: the Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region Hui population accounted for 36% of the region's population, nearly 20% of the country's population of the Hui, Hui culture and Muslim industry is the two major advantages. Among them, the Ningxia Muslim food industry has formed a complete industrial chain of Muslim food, Muslim meat products and food and beverage industry, including.

However, for a long time, China's Muslim food is difficult to enter the international market. This is why? To this end, the reporter visited the field of Ningxia, a Muslim food enterprises. Industry experts told reporters that a key link in the country to hinder the Chinese Muslim food out of the country. What is the link?

CNR network Beijing on September 5, according to voice of China rural "rural China" report (reporter Liu Yuying, Xu more drench, Li Weimin), Ningxia Yi flavor Halal Food Co., Ltd. was established in October 2004, has now gone through more than ten years. Originally built in Yinchuan City Jingwei Venture Park, by the end of 2009 in Yinchuan Desheng Industrial Park built 4000 square meters modern food processing plants, now has been put into use, chairman Bai Yuting to reporters revealed, the company's annual revenue from the original million increase to 1000 million now.

Bai Yuting: our products are all shopping malls in Ningxia have done ten years, more than and 40 products last year, half of this year, the past is the national industry, manual workshop. The next step is, the assembly line, all the equipment in the peripheral debugging, with.

Ningxia as China's only Hui Autonomous Region, 66 thousand and 400 square kilometers, about 6000000 people, the proportion of Muslim population accounted for about 36%. Muslim food industry in Ningxia has a favorable development conditions.

Although the scale of its own development, but want to go out of Ningxia, go out of the country, a recognized certification standards became Bai Yuting and other Muslim food companies look forward to.

Bai Yuting: past national industry is region economy, want to national industry to go out, go to all over the country and the world, will not be able to turn him into a regional economic, to become the national economy, the national economy wants to get out of the standard, the standard. Has a full set of equipment, and even high-tech talent.

Our standard, in fact, is we often say that the certification system to halal food out of to bear the brunt of the consumers of Ningxia halal brand trust and trust are often the source of system certification authority, in the Ningxia halal food international certification center director mabin view, the establishment of halal food certification system is the first step in the development of Ningxia's halal food.

Ma Bin: the role is to use certification means to promote the development of the Muslim industry, the expansion of the Muslim industry in the whole international market, a sound, or to build such a platform for trade. The work of the Muslim food certification is a new field in our country.

Last year, China's first national halal food trade certification center -- Ningxia halal food international trade certification center of Yinchuan in Ningxia was formally established, from Ningxia halal food certification the words appear in the region's import and export of halal food.

Under the impetus of the certification center, the certification system is gradually expanded to other provinces and regions of China, into the provinces more, indicating that this standard in domestic or Muslim groups have a greater degree of recognition, also want to through the form to promote domestic halal food certification standards as soon as possible the introduction.

Ma Bin: after the introduction of the national standards for the better for the Muslim food certification agencies, the development of Muslim food to provide a standard support. At the same time, and the international community to establish a wider range of cooperative relations. Because not only is the Southeast Asia in the formulation of halal food certification, and Europe such as Britain comprises France now in many countries are in through this form to promote halal food standards, are found in halal food in the flow of international trade expanded, he is a very good business.

According to the mabin introduced, at present in the international market, the certification of halal food haven't a conclusion, in different countries and different regions also in contention for the commanding heights, because who can master this certification standards, who will be able to take an active in international halal food.

Mabin: international halal food certification this? Everyone is doing, hope with their own standards, to promote their own standards, certification standard, to standardize and halal food in the whole production process of halal food in the international market trade share.

For the enterprise certification system is the external requirement, even if the current certification system is not clear, to the future development of the enterprise, enterprises also need to transforming from past small workshop style national handicraft industry to industrialization, standardization. Ningxia Yi Wei Muslim Food Co., Ltd., chairman Bai Yuting told reporters that if there is no late transformation, the enterprise will not develop so well.

Bai Yuting: from the past national handicraft industry, has now become the industrialization, to retain part of the manual, in the process of industrialization on the establishment of our own academician station, R & D center, and our experimental base, achievement transformation step there is some high standards of research and development, research and development out to in our wherever he goes to achievements.

Food processing export prospects, especially Muslim food, in the face of a large number of Muslims around the world, the market is not to measure. But blacksmith first to oneself hard, want to occupy the market, first of all to excellent quality, at the same time as the characteristic demand of certain food categories, also must adapt to certain norms and rules, possible