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Column:Company news Time:2016-08-22
Company's products to obtain the first China (Ningxia) International Muslim Food Expo Gold

Products obtained first China (Ningxia) International Halal Food Muslim supplies Expo Gold, city leaders at all levels and departments in charge of the support and concern, consumers universal praise and recognition, is well-known brands in Ningxia. The company's slogan is "local, rural flavor, the nostalgia, the product concept is" green, safe and healthy ", in the product development process will not add any preservatives, keep the natural color, to provide consumers with safe, green and healthy characteristics of products. Long-term planning in product development breakthrough existing product structure, reflect the characteristics of the area, make the products more competitive, now has two target products included in the planning and development, marketed, become another company's profit growth, will also become the Ningxia another special color products.

With the continued growth in sales revenue in recent years, the rapid expansion of the demand for the sales area. The company in March 2015 established "Ningxia Yi flavor halal food sales Co., Ltd., the company legal representative of human white (lady. Sales company has more than 50 marketing elite, organizational structure, personnel configuration is reasonable, so that my company's products and sales outlets from the region to the surrounding provinces and cities continue to radiate, sales revenue continued to increase. Enterprises from production, pipe a reason to foreign sales, publicity and all is a time of renewal, and by the strong support of the competent departments of the autonomous region, the development prospects of the company wide. Deadline by the end of February 2015 sales income of our company 1673 million yuan, 198 million yuan of profits and taxes paid fee 210 million yuan, assets totaled 1.09 billion yuan, assets and liabilities rate of 38.7%.

At the end of November 2015, our new product is studying the development, is expected to total development health, green, vegetarian food, barbecue for a total of four series more than 10 varieties, at present, in the taste of the products being debugged, high-end health series products have been a finalize the design