Mutton SaoZi

Optimizing China "Tibet lamb of the township" - ningxia salt pond Tibet lamb meat as the main raw material, match with a variety of rare fry, folk traditional cooking methods, by handmade, vacuum packaging, modern technology refined from sterilization. Eat the meat, sweet and not plump, fat but not greasy, tender; Tasted the soup, alcohol and not sheen, salty and not astringent, taste delicious.
On sale: 15.80~38.90
100g 155g 200g 260g


As the saying goes: "eat soup" saozi soup (a variety of pasta, flour dumplings, collocation of common edible essential meal). Ingredients: potatoes, radish, mushrooms, tofu, tomatoes (all diced).

The amount of water to boil use, add potatoes, green radish boiled 5-6 minutes, add flavor in Iran really smell after the water is boiled simmer for 10 minutes, add mushrooms after simmer for 5-6 minutes after adding salt and tomato pot.

2: Ingredients: onions, carrots, raisins (be sure to add oh), Chinese wolfberry

Carrot, onion cut with a little oil to stir fry 5-6 minutes, add in minced boiled Iran taste really 10 minutes, wash the rice 500g tile in the frying good smell, add appropriate amount of water to be cooked stew steaming, stir Steamed Rice.

3: Ingredients: beans, onions and tomatoes

The beans, onions and tomatoes, stir fry, add a bag of beans cooked noodles, 800g tile on the above ingredients, add garlic and the amount of water, simmer for 15min after opening the cover for people to eat stir 4-5.

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