Spiced beef

The taste "spiced beef" optimizing the high-quality goods in ningxia yellow beef as main raw materials, adopts the traditional folk cooking methods, carefully paste system, vacuum packaging, modern technology refined from sterilization.
On sale: 29.30~48.80
300g 10bags 180g 20bags


1: Spiced Beef, not instant! Open the bags out into the special plate in a microwave oven, heating in the fire 3-4 minutes after the use of more taste.

2: you can also eat this

Ingredients: onion, pepper, celery

The first Spiced Beef opened into the pot heated 3 minutes into the plate, then the onions, peppers, celery stir into cooked oil in 3 to 5 minutes after adding a good fried Spiced Beef continue frying pan for 2 minutes can become your table a unique style of delicious tempting.

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